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Rihanna and Travis Scott ANTI WORLD TOUR Toronto April 13th 2016

I’m still  in aw of last nights performance and vibe from Rihanna.  From the entrance, costume changes and backdrops of soap this show was on point.

Travis Scott opened up the set and had the crowd hyped.  He even jumped into the crowd and mashed it up with some fans.  The place was lit.

Have fun for show 2 tonight if you’re heading down there.

backside close up contemplative front stage fuzzy up close kisses lighted up other side of travis rihanna in the moment singing to fan slaying soap stand solo travis closer travis scott lickin lips travis side profile

Travis Scott at Opera House for CMW 2014

Travis Scott showed up in full force on Wednesday at the Opera House.  Dude’s got mad climbing skills cuz he climbed on everything. from mini balcony’s to 2nd floor an speakers.  The Crowd was live.  A lot of crowd surfer from both travis and crowd members.  At one point people from the crowd were jumping off stage into the crowd.  Unfortunately for some they realized how unforgiving toronto can be because some of them just ended up dropping to the floor.  Ya sometimes we don’t give a fuck and we will watch you fall on your as as opposed to making sure your safe.  They don’t call us screwface capital for nothing.  I was really impressed.  Representing for the G.O.O.D. music crew travis did well.



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