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Black Lives Matter Toronto during Pride parade 2016

So it’s been almost two weeks since Pride Toronto happened and I’m just now getting around to posting up my pics of the festivities.  I marched with and documented Black Lives Matter Toronto (blmto) during the trans march and pride parade (grant writing on Saturday prevented me from documenting the dyke march).  Anyhow so yesterday I got into an argument over the internet with a black male whom I’ve known for years not like a friend friend but I’ve bought artifacts and had many discussions on blackness with this person.  The cause of the argument was him going off on social media about blm/blmto being a false flag movement funded by zionists and how they weren’t really doing anything for the black community.  I saw his post and wrote for him to shut the fuck up and to respect the grassroots movements lead by these brilliant black queer women and trans people. Mind you I wrote the stfu part in capslocks and I also called him a hotep simpleminded nigga which clearly he didn’t take to kindly.   Which apparently according to him makes me a little child, bitch and a prostitute.  Needless to say I applied the block button because arguing with fools over the internet just isn’t a good look.   At any rate  it just makes me wonder how people can actually do nothing towards the advancement of black people yet wanna argue about others who are.  Have you staged a 14 day protest in front of the police headquarters during the winter feeding and clothing the commnity as well as homeless people? Have you fostered an environment where community building  and healing could commence amongst friends, strangers and people with the mindset of eradicating Anti-Black racism? No oh ok.  Have you started a school to invest in the future of black youth by teaching them empowering history lessons as well as self love practices for their survival? Nah I didn’t think so either.  But that booth you had selling jewellry at Afrofest which was reinstated to 2 days as opposed to 1 because of blmto made you money right. Of course it did but you can’t be thankful cuz well you’re a hotep nigga who doesn’t believe in transgender rights or black queer women and trans leadership cuz your homophobic and transphobic but don’t actually think you are.  It’s all good though because while you’re bitching about false flags etc there are actually people putting in work to galvanize the community in a positive way outside of their keyboards and smartphones.

Anyhow I just wanted to share some pics of what I witnessed during Pride this year and share the beauty, strength and resilience these amazing black people have been exhibiting.  Give thanks to them for standing up for our rights.


more videos and pics of the parade on my instagram account





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