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Taping of Sate for CBC

This past Monday I was blessed to witness Sate in all her greatness.  Performing at a CBC taping to be released later the audience was graced with amazing vocals and stage performance by one of Toronto’s finest.  Here’s a sneak peak through photos of what you can look forward to seeing.


IMG_7406 IMG_7589 IMG_7480 IMG_7536 IMG_7711 IMG_7716 IMG_7738 IMG_7739

tyler the creator and wu-tang at riotfest

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Yaardcore at The Crawford in Toronto August 2015

Progress: Night. Rhetoric

peep this new ep,. from Progress.  One of toronto’s finest


Naturally Born Strangers at Tattoo for CMW

Last night NBS  got turnt up at Tattoo Rock Parlour for Hustlegrl’s hip hop Canadian Music Week Showcase.  Rich Kidd, Adam Bomb and Tona were in fine form.  Mcing in the crowd, even in people’s ears (rich kidd is always nice and smooth with it).  The crowd was hype singing along, shouting out requests and just feeling the vibes.  The show was proper but that’s what you get when you put some of Tdot’s finest in a group.


IMG_3665 IMG_3668 IMG_3651 IMG_3654

Mia and Bun B bring the ruckus to Toronto

This weekend Mia kicked off CMW with a free performance at Tattoo rock parlour.  As always nuff high energy was in the place. A great stage carnival light set up and her dancers.  Mia brought the noise.  Minus some technical difficulties ( she had to tell the soundboy about himself) the show was spectacular.  Here’s some footage


Bun B rolled thru on Sunday an brought out Drizzy at the end.  The OG from Houston got the crowd amped. RIP Pimp C #ugkforlife

Beyoncé: Why I love her

I thought I should chime in on my feelings on this new  Beyoncé album.beyonce in blue beyonce in her element beyonce laughing beyonce love beyonce singing beyonce sippin beyonce with the twins flawless mrs. carter take a bow  For me it represents the dawning of a new day.  A cultural shift that the music industry desperately needed.  Who drops an album with no warming and no promotion to the tune of going platinum in less than a week?  Beyoncé of course.  But more than the music it’s the sheer art of the project that captivates the audience.   From showcasing everyday people to the glitz and glamour of being in a mansion.  More importantly for me was her showcasing the creative mind of a black woman.  Being a prime example of what it means to be a leader in the community.  The black community specifically, but the worldwide community intentionally.  Beyoncé performing XO and Halo in Toronto


This album has made me reevaluate my life as an artist as well as a person.  I have the same 24hrs in a day as Beyoncé.  Mind you I’m not a million but still I’m sure my levels of procrastination will forever be curved because of the quality of art Beyoncé put out.  Not only music but videos as well as raising a baby and having menstral cramps.  Bowing down… real talk.

I’m glad that Beyoncé was the first to do this.  No promotion just here’s my art.  The art is spectacular.  Flawless, pun intended.  Makes me really appreciate the art of creation.  So many people are content with mediocre bullshit and I’m so glad Beyoncé’s virgo perfection has shined light on the world.  Even if you’re not rich you have the potential for greatness.  As well the example she specifically sets for young black females is priceless.  Say what you want about her blond hair, so called bleaching (she been lightskinned from birth she is creole afterall) she ain’t claiming to be a white women.  I see all these white feminists coming for her but she doesn’t claim you. #solidarityisforwhitewomen.

From songs/videos like Pretty Hurts and most notably Flawless Beyoncé sheds light on what it means to be a black girl growing up in a Eurocentric world that doesn’t deem little black girls as flawless.  But Beyoncé teaches us otherwise.  Flawless is to this generation what Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit was to generation X.  A whole crop of people are using Flawless as an anthem of empowerment.  I know I for one walk into a room strutting like I’m on a runway when I’m playing it.  From a visual aspect the video is a throwback to the grunge movement with the denim, high boots, plaid and angst ridden party goers aka her back up dancers.  I hope for anyone who was never the cool kid in school they can jam to this and use it as a self empowering anthem… hell even all those people u know shouldn’t be singing this song will but whatever everyone’s entitled to their moment.


Drunk In Love = song of the year!!! The video can we talk about Beyoncé dancing on the beach. I’m here for all of that!!! I know people are upset about Jay z’s eat the cake reference but i’m pretty sure that’s a sexual innuendo between the two of them.  That’s all I’ma say about that.  Shits been on repeat for days.

This entire album is a classic hands down album of the year of 2013 (Pusha T you had my vote till Beyoncé killed everything).


And as for Beyoncé being the voice of black feminism I’m all for it.  All y’all other feminists (I’m looking at you white ladies) need to get your lives together and jump on board and stop hating from outside the club.  More than just talk, Beyoncé’s doing.  Showing the world that as a black women you can have and do it all.  Fuck these crackers for making it seem that we aren’t worthy cuz that’s pretty much the message the mainstream media puts out.  Beyoncé in all her greatness exposes the behind the scenes of what it really means to be “pretty” in this eurocentric world while showing us her vulnerability and how much she actually loves and is happy with herself.


She embraces motherhood and works hard as a creative entity to get what she wants.  She deserves it.  She’s Flawless #factsonly.

The only thing i hate about this album is that I’m single.  This album is 100% for lovers, those in love etc.  Not to say you can’t feel it if you’re single but i mos def feel how much she’s in love with Jay Z and the love she has for Blue Ivy all up and down this album.  It is cuffing season so this certainly should be in a lot of playlists and come summer the album most recognized for creating those summer babies.  I’m just saying I appreciate the placement of the sexy time songs cuz it’s a good amount of time for u to get it b4 u might wanna come up for air…or whatever.


Next up will be how this album comes to light on tour.  I’m really looking forward to the new routines and energy she puts into this production.

Beyoncé got me way more in tune with my feminine side then ever b4.  I appreciate that.  But that’s another blog post entirely :)

Hats off to Beyoncé for showcase that God really is a black woman!!!!

Mindbender Performing at Ricky Ricardo’s

Last Sunday Mindbender performed before the showcase of a short documentary “Mindbender Loves You” shot by Christian Murray at Ricky Ricardo’s.  Here’s a snippet of his performance.  Mindbender is doing what he can to spread love to the people.  You can catch him in Toronto on Saturdays at his “love lessons & courage classes”

 Saturdays 5pm-7pm $20
64 Oxford St., toronto


mindbender performing at ricky ricardo’s

Naturally Born Strangers Mixtape

Naturally Born Stangers  Toronto super group comprised of producer rapper extraordinaire Rich Kidd, Tona and Adam Bomb.  Album brought to u by Bryan Espiritu’s The Legends League.

much fire always coming from all involved.  Tdot represent!!!!!!

K-OS at Danforth Music Hall Toronto April 5th 2013

Supporting his new album “Black on Blonde” K-OS is back on the scene with his heartfelt, playful lyrics always ready to tun up a party.  With guest instrumentalists from the Stills and bboy Benzo K-OS electrified the crowd with old and new songs with a few freestyles slipped in between.  “All I care about is music and the city that I’m from” popped up a few times…

black and white blurred out exit experimental greenish red greyish kos in colour kos in green kos in red kos waving hand kos with the water bottle marcus garvey shirt rocking the guitar standing still stealth