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The Forgiveness Project ft. The Legends League Bryan Espiritu, Naturally Born Stangers & Jelly To Fly

So a few weeks back I went to The Forgiveness Project hosted by Tara Mouldon with Legends League founder Bryan Espiritu, Naturally Born Strangers (Tona, Rich Kidd & Adam Bomb) and Jelly To Fly.  It was a discussion on forgiveness.  Ranging from stories about mental health issues, alcoholism, comfortability with self, suicide and issues with fathers.


It was an intimate gathering where the audience listened to the stories of our peers.  There was something in everyone’s story that we could relate to.  From abandonment issues stemming from our father’s not being around, to acknowledging misogyny in past relationships and coping with issues of depression.


These kinds of talks need to happen more frequently in our communities where we can get together and listen and grow from the strength of others.  It’s especially rewarding to hear stories from people you see around town, listen to their music and admire their accomplishments in art and music.  More often then not we tend to idolize artists without overstanding that they have everyday problems just like the rest of us.


If you’re in Toronto tonight (jan 31, 2014) check out The Legends League pop up shop and Naturally Born Strangers performance at The Mod Club Doors 9pm $15 cover.


Support those who’ve been giving back to this city and culture from time zeen.




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