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Intersections Contact Photography Opening at Daniels Spectrum

Last night I had the pleasure of being one of the photographers exhibiting work at Daniels Spectrum on the 2nd floor.  Our series is entitled Intersections.  My section is Being Gender Fluid In A Gender Specific Society.  I got another piece but that’ll be revealed later.  Anyhow I”m pleased to be in the company of Wade Hudson, Jon Black, Yannick Anton, Buruk Early, Candace Nyaomi Boogs, Ebti Na, Dwayne Sybbliss, Soteeoh, Adeyami Adegbesan and curated by Elle Alconcel.  The work will be up until June 15th so if you didn’t make it out to the opening you still have a month to check it.  Work is for sale so don’t be shy with your wallets.

Anyhow here’s some action that you missed

IMG_3420 IMG_3422 IMG_3443 IMG_3434 IMG_3444 IMG_3454 IMG_3465 IMG_3459 IMG_3479 IMG_3471 IMG_3544 IMG_3546 IMG_3463 IMG_3477 IMG_3489 IMG_3517 IMG_3538 IMG_3451 IMG_3408 IMG_3413 IMG_3419 IMG_3426 IMG_3431 IMG_3427 IMG_3433 IMG_3446