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Anti-Racism Directorate with Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mayor John Tory at Daniel Spectrum July 14th 2016

So yesterday was the first of several community consultations on racism in Ontario which was held at Daniel Spectrum.  Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Toronto’s Mayor John Tory were in attendance to hear what the community had to say.  It was a full house with over 350 people in the room with another few hundred in the overflow rooms and outside of Daniel Spectrum.  This community consultation was brought about by the the impeccable grassroots leadership of Black Lives Matter  Toronto (blmto) forcing the issue of anti-black racism needing to be addressed.  However this consultation was not the direct meeting blmto requested of government officials and pretty much was a slight farce to look as if the government was actually caring to do something.  The evidence of this would be the consistent look on Mayor John Tory’s face throughout the over 3hr consultation.








Throughout the evening which was only supposed to be between 7pm-9pm but lasted longer due to the overwhelming turnout and line up for questions people demanded accountability and direct action from our Government officials.  At one point Mayor John Tory was asked to apologize for not having the decency to meet with blmto members outside the 14 day encampment outside of police headquarters during the winter.  He did so begrudgingly.

At any rate this is a first step in a long journey to overhaul systemic racism and practices that permeate this country specifically but is actually a global phenomenon.

If you weren’t able to attend or livestream you can see the majority of what transpired over on my Instagram @kalmplex

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