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Naturally Born Strangers at Tattoo for CMW

Last night NBS  got turnt up at Tattoo Rock Parlour for Hustlegrl’s hip hop Canadian Music Week Showcase.  Rich Kidd, Adam Bomb and Tona were in fine form.  Mcing in the crowd, even in people’s ears (rich kidd is always nice and smooth with it).  The crowd was hype singing along, shouting out requests and just feeling the vibes.  The show was proper but that’s what you get when you put some of Tdot’s finest in a group.


IMG_3665 IMG_3668 IMG_3651 IMG_3654

The Forgiveness Project ft. The Legends League Bryan Espiritu, Naturally Born Stangers & Jelly To Fly

So a few weeks back I went to The Forgiveness Project hosted by Tara Mouldon with Legends League founder Bryan Espiritu, Naturally Born Strangers (Tona, Rich Kidd & Adam Bomb) and Jelly To Fly.  It was a discussion on forgiveness.  Ranging from stories about mental health issues, alcoholism, comfortability with self, suicide and issues with fathers.


It was an intimate gathering where the audience listened to the stories of our peers.  There was something in everyone’s story that we could relate to.  From abandonment issues stemming from our father’s not being around, to acknowledging misogyny in past relationships and coping with issues of depression.


These kinds of talks need to happen more frequently in our communities where we can get together and listen and grow from the strength of others.  It’s especially rewarding to hear stories from people you see around town, listen to their music and admire their accomplishments in art and music.  More often then not we tend to idolize artists without overstanding that they have everyday problems just like the rest of us.


If you’re in Toronto tonight (jan 31, 2014) check out The Legends League pop up shop and Naturally Born Strangers performance at The Mod Club Doors 9pm $15 cover.


Support those who’ve been giving back to this city and culture from time zeen.




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kanye and drake in toronto

I had the pleasure of going to both yeezus shows in toronto back in december.  I was even more blessed to have witnessed the epic after party with Kanye and Drake in attendance.  Here’s a video and some pics I was able to take.

If ur in the hamilton ont. and montreal area in february i suggest you check it out.

Yeezus walks!!!



kanye and white jesus kanye with flash dancers yeezus on the mountain yeezus sittin on the edge yeezus standing on the edge yeezy on the floor with dancers yeezy with mpc




Mindbender Performing at Ricky Ricardo’s

Last Sunday Mindbender performed before the showcase of a short documentary “Mindbender Loves You” shot by Christian Murray at Ricky Ricardo’s.  Here’s a snippet of his performance.  Mindbender is doing what he can to spread love to the people.  You can catch him in Toronto on Saturdays at his “love lessons & courage classes”

 Saturdays 5pm-7pm $20
64 Oxford St., toronto


mindbender performing at ricky ricardo’s

Naturally Born Strangers Mixtape

Naturally Born Stangers  Toronto super group comprised of producer rapper extraordinaire Rich Kidd, Tona and Adam Bomb.  Album brought to u by Bryan Espiritu’s The Legends League.

much fire always coming from all involved.  Tdot represent!!!!!!

Ernie Paniccioli in Toronto Dec 1, 2013

Last sunday Ernie Paniccioli graced a Toronto audience with his presence and shared some stories related to his book Who Shot Ya.  Here’s an excerpt of what Ernie had to say. pt. 2




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Glen Lewis, Tre Mission,DJ Premier and DJ Jazzy Jeff at Hennessy ArtistryTO

Last week Hennessy ArtistryTO happened in Toronto. Thanks to Hennessy and 1LoveTO for putting on a dope show. The music was hype and the good vibes were off the change.  Everyone was having a good time.  Here’s a few videos from what went down.


Tre Mission

Glen Lewis

DJ Premier

DJ Jazzy Jeff

K-OS at Danforth Music Hall Toronto April 5th 2013

Supporting his new album “Black on Blonde” K-OS is back on the scene with his heartfelt, playful lyrics always ready to tun up a party.  With guest instrumentalists from the Stills and bboy Benzo K-OS electrified the crowd with old and new songs with a few freestyles slipped in between.  “All I care about is music and the city that I’m from” popped up a few times…

black and white blurred out exit experimental greenish red greyish kos in colour kos in green kos in red kos waving hand kos with the water bottle marcus garvey shirt rocking the guitar standing still stealth



Taha Clayton at GoodFellas Gallery


Taha Clayton had his art show opening in Toronto at GoodFellas gallery.  One of toronto’s finest oil painters now residing in Brooklyn.  His art will be up for the rest of April.

Here’s Taha discussing art and needing to build a proper foundation for Toronto :

For appointments contact


crowd around painting more crowd vibe

taha in explanation mode taha under taha taha's artshow the clayton klan