in Utero Out

Went to go check out a Drawing With Knives  Summerworks presentations  in Utero Out.  A production  of shadow puppets dealing with the birthing process covering various perspectives as child givers of birth, adoptee, water and placentas.  The music was lilting and enchanting.  The visual artistry of the hand carved shadow puppets along with the music and lighting production created an atmosphere like you were actually in the womb.  If you’ve ever been born you should see this.


brescia in utero 1. brescia in utero 2 brescia in utero 3

Remaining shows:  Wednesday August 10th 8pm

Thursday August 11th 7:30 pm

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    Drake Underground

    1150 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6J 1J3
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Joce Tremblay, Brescia NR, bloodbeard, Melisse Watson, Hannah Shreck, Nic Murr.

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