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Ani Difranco’s Offensive Plantation Disaster

Well Ani I guess this is your way of trying to be relevant in the coming year. I’m not sure who in your camp decided it would be a great idea to hold a righteous babe feminist retreat on a plantation. Like for real you couldn’t have come up with more of a sick joke.  Not to mention you creating your facebook event page the day Beyonce drops her album (for a brief moment there you almost managed to take away from the glory of queen bey with your bullshit for me).

Clever marketing cuz u must have realized black women would be up in arms about a workshop retreat on the backs of the ghosts of our ancestors.  As someone who has grown up listening to your music i’m pretty sure I never would have figured you’d pull such a extravagant stunt.  But I guess as Justin Bieber says never say never.




The above pic was taken outside Massey Hall in Toronto at least 15 years ago when I was a big fan.  You played Massey Hall and I was lucky (at least that’s how i felt at the time) to catch up to you after the show and say what’s up.  I even framed the pic.  I know that when me and my friends were hanging out your music was a vivid soundtrack to some of really cool memories and revelations.  To think that you’d stoop so low to be relevant, offensive and downright stupid boggles my senses.  But then again you’re now a prime example of why #solidarityisforwhitewomen .  Great Job I hope you’re proud of yourself.  Apparently this venue choice was to spark a much needed conversation. Really?  You couldn’t have figured out a better way to tackle anti black racism?  You’re smarter than that Ani.  I’m pretty sure if someone wanted to do a feminist retreat in Aushwitz lead by ex German SS soldiers grandkids who courted you by saying it’s about healing you’d be a bit livid no?


But I digress I really hope that you enjoy your white women seance and that it works out well for you.  Honestly there’s gonna be one hell of an obeah storm coming your way for you and your white dreadlocked women buddies.  While you’re frolicking in the woods with your guitars and kazoos please remember to reenact how evil the slavemasters wives were to the help.

I’m sure Paula Deen can’t wait to be catering your special occasion.


By the way your lack of response to this atrocity is not being overlooked.  I’m truly looking forward to seeing how you’re gonna spin this to make us wanna wipe those white women tears from your face (sarcasm).  Clearly you don’t care about black peoples suffering, but you will take our money.  Awesome!!!!! Let me know who I can send an invoice to so I  can get back all the money I’ve ever spent on your music and concerts.